Spiritual communication renews the spirit and refreshes the soul.

About ME

9am - 9pm daily   707.378.2160 

In 2006 I started Spiritual Oasis when I decided that my career in business management, while financially rewarding, was emotionally stifling.

Through Spiritual Oasis I am able to focus on clairvoyant reading, healing and teaching, the things that bring me joy.

In 1985 I began exploring my clairvoyant abilities by taking classes at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. After graduating from BPI I continued developing my psychic and healing abilities while taking classes at the Aesclepion Healing Center.

Over the years I have done thousands of readings/healings and taught classes on female energy, beginning meditation, psychic healing and tarot.
I currently teach  Trance Medium classes at Aesclepion.