Spiritual Oasis is a psychic sanctuary founded by me,  Rev. Sharon Basile.

It is a retreat for the soul where clairvoyant insights illuminate your spiritual path and validate your life choices.

Do you feel like you are just going through the motions without any real purpose? Have you given up on being happy?

A spiritual hello can validate who you are and help you find your enthusiasm for life.

Spiritual Counseling

​A Spiritual Counseling is a clairvoyant or psychic reading that explores the energy patterns of your spiritual space and their impacts to your physical body. It validates your spiritual path and life choices.

A counseling can be a generic, overall look at your life or it can focus on a topic of your choice (creativity, romance, family, career,  wellness, past lives, spiritual path, etc..).

Welcome to a cool place

                    to refresh your soul!

Weekly Benediction

A silent space. Once a week you are connected to the Supreme Being for a blessing, given a spiritual hello, and brought into present time as your spiritual and physical spaces are aligned.

Spiritual Healing

​In a Spiritual Healing various psychic techniques are used to clear any energy that is affecting you in undesired ways, and to encourage the energies that are working well for you.

Your spiritual body will be aligned with your physical body, the chakras or energy centers will be balanced and your energy will be reset to its natural vibration.

A Spiritual Healing will leave you feeling refreshed, empowered and ready to pursue your spiritual path.

Spiritual Healings are integrated into the counseling sessions when requested. 

Featured Services

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